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So who’s who you may ask? Shannon is the girls with the smaller tits, and that’s her friend Shanty with the bigger breasts.

These chicks are so much fun – singing in the car on the way to the shoot, dancing in the streets, playing in the water… great girls!!

The team at GirlsOutWest hung out with the girls for 3 days. Each day was a brand new adventure. A boat, a park, a car, the beach…. what fun they must have had!

Roxy gives in to Angie?s sensuous touch. Angie kisses her passionately with open mouth, and slowly their tongues touch, and their tits pop out. Angie?s juicy breasts are more than a mouthful for Roxy ? but they taste great, and she cant stop eating them….

Silvie and Blaire hit it off tremendously when they first met, and it was straight into the hardcore action. We started with video, so they could just let loose and go off.

They did not hold back in coming forward and within the first 30 mins there was ORGASMS GALORE. Breast play really turned on the girls, then the panties came off, and BINGO – fingering, licking, sucking on those juicy girlie bits.

Zaria is a gorgeous hippy chick, with a free and easy lifestyle. She gets turned on by girls, and loves the company of men also.

She is totally beautiful, especially in naturalistic settings. Her skin is tanned, her smiley adorable. And her accent totally mesmerizing. Here it in the videos at Girls Out West.

A delighful debut from the very lovely Zoey in which she and Jacki make full and splendid use of the location to craft a set that delights the eye in all respects. Zoey as she undress and indeed dresses has an engaging manner of adressing the camera and by extension the viewer, holding one enraptured. A feeling further engendered by the aforementioned utilisation of the location, the splendid ‘reflective’ poses in the mirror, the shots taken on the clear plastic/glass chair, on the cushion against the backdrop of the chequered floor, on the staircase and personal favourite, with a bookcase in the background. In addition there is a delicious little ‘quirk’, leaving one sock on. A set to savour, for which my thanks to Jacki, the team and Zoey.

Angie & Blaire are loitering at the pier, waiting for a ship full of sailors to arrive. No-one show. But they have each other, and a bossom full of girlie goodness to share. Finding a comfortable bed for the night, Angie ravishes Blaire with all her sexual energy. Blaire succumbs and cums in Angie’s mouth.

With contrasting skin colours, their personalities are equally cheeky. Gail really is a funny girl and she made us all laugh during the shoot. It was her first time every to fully fuck another girl. You wouldn’t know it tho – she did anal rimming, anal insertion, and tried to get as much fist into Taliah as possible – not bad for a first-timer.

Leigh lingers at the doorway looking pretty and feeling horny. Her little shorts come off quickly. Her pussy is moist. She opens up, juices flow out. Her arse is devine.

Taliah is carrying in the washing. The lovely scent of the fresh laundry gets her hot as hell and she races inside where her dildos are. Rubbing her sexy body, awakening her senses, she rams a choice of vibrators into her cunt and slips a sneaky finger into her tight ass.

I Enjoy taking English Backpackers on far away journey’s into the rural area, far far away from the city, where no one can hear their shrieks! Along an unsafe road, via burnt out bushalnds, where bush fires once raged, 3 Northern Girls, from England stop traffic with their upskirt capers.

One young lady is trouble enough, But 3 best friends getting au naturel and playing touchy feely’s is enough to get one’s blood presure up. Bring on the heat wave – nudity for all!!