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Don’t you just love the natural red heads? Especially the real cute ones with a blend of sugary sweetness and naughty sexuality?

Alice returned to for her third solo shoot, and she seems to have really enjoyed the attention as she teased us in her tiny shorts and tight t-shirt.

Mischievous student Irina is tired of her books so she rips her panties down and her skirt up, brashly giving us a glance of her redhead pussy. Her precious red curls and spectacles give her an innocent look which is deceived by her electric blue bra and big grin ? this German backpacker?s English lessons are the last thing on her mind! Her pile of books is disregarded as she stretches out and opens her legs.

In Calli’s video in the members area of AbbyWinters, I enjoyed when Calli welcomed us to her home.

She said stripping off and getting nude is her way of chilling out. Her figure is amazing in the pictures and the video. She has a beautiful roundness and great boobs.

Years ago at Rover Camp, Sue-Anne gave her scout leader a blowjob. Her boyfriend grilled her about it for hours, but she denied everything.

Evidently, Sue-Anne has always been a horny girl. Recently she fingered herself in front of a bunch of guys while they filmed it on their phones.

Amy is unambiguously attractive – with ginger pubes and long red hair flows over her pierced nipples. Her female genitalia has more metal than her bosoms and she adores high heel shoes. Amy is a Gothic Fetish Queen with English Rose qualities.
This shoot really rocks!!!

Amy had this to say about her first of many gow shoots, “I had loads of fun. I got to explore my mischievous persona. I felt really risqué doing it in a building site. The messiness and redness really emphasised the bad girl in me.”

Amy professes and tells us about her first intimate experience, “At high school I wagged school to see my boyfriend. I went back to his house. Did IT. Then went back to school with blood smirches on my dress. I looked like I had a hemorage!”

“My last fuck was the other day in my room with my boyfriend. My parents were in the next room. We had to be very quiet and the bed was screeching so loudly.”

How blistering was this sexual union. This is one of the most aphrodisiacal girl on girls I have viewed that doesn’t go the whole way.

Peachy location in the Aussie countryside which offers an attractive background, but I’m concentrated on the action between the girls.

I love the way Eden and Lili look at each other before they start petting and the way they softly caress each other as their lips do meet.

Viewing Lili’s hand move down the front over Eden’s jeans. So erotic and the girls haven’t even taken any garments off yet.

More affectionate kissing and when the girls do get their clothes off its jaw dropping time. These fine-looking redheads have lots in common as both have the most fantastic small and curvaceous figures, great titties and sexy ginger crotch hair.

Thanks to Annie and these astonishing girls for such a titillating set of pictures. I look forward to the videos greatly.

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Maria is natural amateur redhead who is twelve weeks pregnant and she is beginning to show. So before she gets the complete baby stomach she wanted to fuck her beau of two years on camera and share their lovemaking with the universe.

Jason stated, “Today was a very exceptional experience. It is great to have a moment like this before we depart town and start raising a small family.” The crew and Annie were extraordinary and I loved it.

They are a randy young duo who typically fuck three times a day anyhow, so when we rocked up to their flat we just let them go for it. It was exciting observing them. You just cant beat a true couple making love right in front of you!! Especially when its a redhead fucking!

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This is the beautiful redheaded Sarah J from Abby Winters.

She has beautiful pale skin, perky little breasts and an awesome natural bush.

All of this set against a wonderful rocky outdoor location creates the perfect shoot.

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Today we have Isabel from Abby Winters.

This pale skinned, freckle faced, redhead beauty has done a number of shoots for the site.

It turns out that she also traveled to Europe at some stage, and did some shoots their for other companies. Just in case you thought you had seen her around before…

In this shoot however, Isabel slowly strips off, to reveal her hairy redhead pussy.

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This shoot of beautiful redhead Lola is a few years old. But I never get sick of looking at this girl.

She has the most lovely complexion, with her freckles and her natural red hair.

One thing that really stands out with this girl is her amazing figure. She has such perfect breasts for an 18 year old.

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