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So which is which?? (you may ask). Shannon is the one with the smaller breasts, and that’s her mate Shanty, with the big bossoms.

These girls are too much fun – singing in the car on the way to the location, dancing in the streets, splashing in the water… fantastic girls!! We hung out for 3 days, every day was a different adventure… in boats, parks, cars, beaches…. what fun we had!

And they’re SMART too. Very educated, and refined, well mannered, and happy! Just the way we all like them!

Page and Tom live together, deep in the bush, where they?re raising their daughter and practising making more babies..

Toms SUV is real sexy, so we jumped in his big blue truck and went hooning into the bush to find the perfect spot for an open-air afternoon fuck.

We found a sunny clearing, down a dirty track, and bang, Page and Tom did it, right in front of 2 girls and 2 cameras. He focused on his woman, and she focused on him, and we just kept rolling. Page, the champion, gave her anus to him, and he pumped her arse so fucking hard for so fucking long ? we couldn?t believe it!

Melody loves to play on Bob?s pipe. She sucks her man well in a busy car park with lots of random people walking around perving on them. They wanted to get right into it and really ride him hard and fast, so we found an abandoned factory so the young, fuck-happy couple could really let themselves go and have fun!

Fucking here, fucking there, fucking everywhere! Standing up, from behind, doggy style, a bit of oral?. Discover what they got up to on their sexy adventure for yourself!

Magdalena-Jade is visiting Australia all the way from San Francisco. And she knows everything there is to know about sex!

She?s a qualified Tantrica, so her orgasms are full on and intense.

Down by this creek, she?s turned on by being naked in the outdoors. She pulls out her dildo for a solo fuck show against a tree trunk.

This chick is an exotic blend – Half Native American Indian and half Italian!

Very beautiful and her Tantra Tutorial videos at GirlsOutWest are awesome!

Nora loves feeling and petting on the neck, having her tits sucked, and gentle rubbing all over her body.

Nora’s is keeping her virginity for now, waiting patiently for that special guy to come along. Up until this point, she’s been so strong, not letting any random fellow pop her cherry. German girls are so determined. I was really impressed with Nora’s eagerness to be sexy, and work her body for the camera, and yet, keep her self sacred for someone special.

Zaria is a gorgeous hippy chick, with a free and easy lifestyle. She gets turned on by girls, and loves the company of men also.

She is totally beautiful, especially in naturalistic settings. Her skin is tanned, her smiley adorable. And her accent totally mesmerizing. Here it in the videos at Girls Out West.

With contrasting skin colours, their personalities are equally cheeky. Gail really is a funny girl and she made us all laugh during the shoot. It was her first time every to fully fuck another girl. You wouldn’t know it tho – she did anal rimming, anal insertion, and tried to get as much fist into Taliah as possible – not bad for a first-timer.

I Enjoy taking English Backpackers on far away journey’s into the rural area, far far away from the city, where no one can hear their shrieks! Along an unsafe road, via burnt out bushalnds, where bush fires once raged, 3 Northern Girls, from England stop traffic with their upskirt capers.

One young lady is trouble enough, But 3 best friends getting au naturel and playing touchy feely’s is enough to get one’s blood presure up. Bring on the heat wave – nudity for all!!

Claire?s loving the sunlight on her hairy pussy. Conceding to the light she spreads out naturally, and her vagina is very red at the orifice. A finger or 2 inserts easily, making her feel real fine.

The Man Drought seems to be aggravating in Australia, and even French birds like Claire need to self arouse with digit masturbation.

Riane’s a earthy girl, with a long lock of dark hair, beautiful slim body, good boobs, and blue eyes that alter colour in the sun.

She’s from London, and wants to unleash on the web. She enjoys nature, so, naturally, we headed out to the forest and the river, then she got so aroused that I took her to the sex shop and we went shoppig for the ideal vibrator. A small yellow toy stirred her clitoris with vast quivers that could be sensed through the floorboards.