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Nikki & Luka

Strong hairy lesbian girls go wild on the side of a rock. Harnessed up, with straps around the arse and fanny, these lesbians tug on the rope, going up and down the side of the rock, then up and down on each other. It’s a perfect setting for some good hairy face sitting and oral sex.

So which is which?? (you may ask). Shannon is the one with the smaller breasts, and that’s her mate Shanty, with the big bossoms.

These girls are too much fun – singing in the car on the way to the location, dancing in the streets, splashing in the water… fantastic girls!! We hung out for 3 days, every day was a different adventure… in boats, parks, cars, beaches…. what fun we had!

And they’re SMART too. Very educated, and refined, well mannered, and happy! Just the way we all like them!

Seems like all a girl needs these days for complete sexual satisfaction ins a big long bendy cucumber and a good friend to get on the other end. Peppe and Rhianna might surprise you in their double-ender action with a pice of vegetable. The movie is very B Grade, very naughty, very bad – just like these 2 young aussie chicks. Check it out here.

Mega-busty Angie and the energetic and excitable Kara get together in a mind blowing pillow fight photo set and raunchy video! These two have been hot for each other for a very long time and the tension has been building… the will explode before your eyes!
These are two ultra sensitive girls, who react explosively with every little touch! They take turns at making each other come over and over again in all sorts of fun positions…

With so much natural chemistry, these lovelies have trouble keeping their busy hands off one another!

Grinding, thrusting, rubbing, squeezing…. and Silvie is yielding into Ruby-Love?s tender touch. From behind, arse in the air, Ruby-Love eats out her furry pussy and finger fucks the horny young girl.

Our favourite naughty brunette Petria is back, guiding the pretty porno virgin Daria into the moist world of bubble bath erotica?. Everything from bubbles to butt-plugs, these two best friends really know how to make the most of getting wet! Set in Petria?s sexy Swedish bath house bathroom, the every angle of the action is reflected in the mirrors. A clit-sucking, ass-rimming, bubble blowing, dildo-playing, oral-giving, finger-fucking wet time!

Roxy gives in to Angie?s sensuous touch. Angie kisses her passionately with open mouth, and slowly their tongues touch, and their tits pop out. Angie?s juicy breasts are more than a mouthful for Roxy ? but they taste great, and she cant stop eating them….

Silvie and Blaire hit it off tremendously when they first met, and it was straight into the hardcore action. We started with video, so they could just let loose and go off.

They did not hold back in coming forward and within the first 30 mins there was ORGASMS GALORE. Breast play really turned on the girls, then the panties came off, and BINGO – fingering, licking, sucking on those juicy girlie bits.

Angie & Blaire are loitering at the pier, waiting for a ship full of sailors to arrive. No-one show. But they have each other, and a bossom full of girlie goodness to share. Finding a comfortable bed for the night, Angie ravishes Blaire with all her sexual energy. Blaire succumbs and cums in Angie’s mouth.

With contrasting skin colours, their personalities are equally cheeky. Gail really is a funny girl and she made us all laugh during the shoot. It was her first time every to fully fuck another girl. You wouldn’t know it tho – she did anal rimming, anal insertion, and tried to get as much fist into Taliah as possible – not bad for a first-timer.