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Nikki & Luka

Strong hairy lesbian girls go wild on the side of a rock. Harnessed up, with straps around the arse and fanny, these lesbians tug on the rope, going up and down the side of the rock, then up and down on each other. It’s a perfect setting for some good hairy face sitting and oral sex.

Cute and Awkward. Endearing and Geeky. Shy but Cute. Sweet and Innocent. Pretty and Pure.

Rosie is an amazing little creature with a big imagination. Appearing on the net for the first time, I really like this girl.

You can read her blogs in the GirlsOutWest Forums, see her photography, and read her adventures as she gets her hands dirty behind the scenes, in the making of the site.

This particular shoot was a kinky easter theme (sorry I am posting it a bit late)

Check out this hot easter bunny, eating chocolate and exposing her perfect thick bush in this cool picture set.

Canopy is very outgoing. Broken down buildings make her horny! She would love to have a job working with her hands some day. Some kind of trade perhaps…. She also loves to climb! And she’s great at it. This horny little amateur packs a punch – dont let the flowing blonde curles fool you! Her pubes are long, thick and curly.

A delighful debut from the very lovely Zoey in which she and Jacki make full and splendid use of the location to craft a set that delights the eye in all respects. Zoey as she undress and indeed dresses has an engaging manner of adressing the camera and by extension the viewer, holding one enraptured. A feeling further engendered by the aforementioned utilisation of the location, the splendid ‘reflective’ poses in the mirror, the shots taken on the clear plastic/glass chair, on the cushion against the backdrop of the chequered floor, on the staircase and personal favourite, with a bookcase in the background. In addition there is a delicious little ‘quirk’, leaving one sock on. A set to savour, for which my thanks to Jacki, the team and Zoey.

Claire?s loving the sunlight on her hairy pussy. Conceding to the light she spreads out naturally, and her vagina is very red at the orifice. A finger or 2 inserts easily, making her feel real fine.

The Man Drought seems to be aggravating in Australia, and even French birds like Claire need to self arouse with digit masturbation.

French missy Claire is flirting on the stones at the river. The water feels pleasant when she slops it onto her hirsute pussy. The freshness makes her a bit aroused. Lucky she isn’t assuming any panties. Nature stimulates her into a state of rousing and she pokes herself as the H2O dribbles around her slim body.

The water tumbles around her body, as she plunges into the running stream. She’s a euphoric girl, being nude, masturbating in nature. And can be seen in the members area of Girls Out West on video, speaking and wanking.

Watch Vesper spreading her hairy dripping cunt while playing on a fork lift!

Vesper stands below a waterfall, getting dowsed form top to bottom. You can visualise her perky nipples extending from underneath her tight, green dress. She douses her tits into the water before ripping off her dress. When Vesper removes her blue panties she reveals her fuzzy bush. A sexy tussock of black hair sits on her vagina titillating her clit. When she bends over her pussy looks like a lush, round peach and her clitoris looks like the succulent ambrosia.

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She got a feel for Gelati in a previous shoot, but now she craves some more masturbation.

With her sweet ass pointed to the sky, she drills her dripping hairy gash with 2 fingers, from the front and from the rear.

Delving into the ice-cream, licking it off her fingers, the chocolate dribbles down her small body, riding over her titties, she spreads it across her sweet lips like a cheeky school girl.

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A Pleasure of a video as the adorable Marianna carries us on a circuit of her ‘courtyard’ and loved sunbaking position. The video has some brilliant up-skirt photographs as Marianna’s dress is wafted in the air, the sunlight filtering through the cloth and some delightful shots of Marianna versus the blue sky and soft clouds. The video recording is a joy to watch and listen to, Sue-Ann pens “enjoy”, rest assured relished and for that, my cheers to Suri , the team and Marianna.