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Claire?s loving the sunlight on her hairy pussy. Conceding to the light she spreads out naturally, and her vagina is very red at the orifice. A finger or 2 inserts easily, making her feel real fine.

The Man Drought seems to be aggravating in Australia, and even French birds like Claire need to self arouse with digit masturbation.

Charly plays the fiddle like a aphrodisiac siren. Expressing joy and grinning in the sunlight, this girl just makes you feel fine when you look at her.

She commences for a little piece of play time, her clitoris is erect, labia bloated, and she’s ready to show you a good time.

Before the mirror she stands, appearing good, feeling good. Her paw wanders into her panties, and feel the wetness that dwellss in, and she feels the need to snatch her meaty flaps and peel them wide. On the floor and she’s moving around like a woman insane. Into the corner and it’s up against the wall, ready and prepared to be taken by someone right at that place.

Charlize is an English lass, with a filthy mind, and appearing on the net here for the first time.

Riane’s a earthy girl, with a long lock of dark hair, beautiful slim body, good boobs, and blue eyes that alter colour in the sun.

She’s from London, and wants to unleash on the web. She enjoys nature, so, naturally, we headed out to the forest and the river, then she got so aroused that I took her to the sex shop and we went shoppig for the ideal vibrator. A small yellow toy stirred her clitoris with vast quivers that could be sensed through the floorboards.

Siri’s pussy looks great in this set. Resting on her boastful double bed, before the windows, she’s loving an afternoon of masturbatory pleasures with her bountiful penis-like dildo. Long sandy hair runs around her body as she moves around getting herself off. Small blonde pubes catch the sunlit and gleam as her vaginal juices start to flow.

In and out it goes, tightly at first, then her pussy expands up easily and takes it all in. You can tell from her face that’s she’s loving the feel of the plastic veins and prissy round knob.

Valerie and Peppe enjoy the camera. And collectively they make a double blend of trouble as they get together for a smashing shoot – GoW style.

In the bathroom they got up to a bit of shenanigan then into the bed, lying down, being mischievous chicks.

French missy Claire is flirting on the stones at the river. The water feels pleasant when she slops it onto her hirsute pussy. The freshness makes her a bit aroused. Lucky she isn’t assuming any panties. Nature stimulates her into a state of rousing and she pokes herself as the H2O dribbles around her slim body.

The water tumbles around her body, as she plunges into the running stream. She’s a euphoric girl, being nude, masturbating in nature. And can be seen in the members area of Girls Out West on video, speaking and wanking.

Jette has a new bloke in her life, and they are co-habitating blissfully in an art deco apartment. On Melbourne Cup Day when the rest of the country stopped to observe a horse race, Annie carried along her cameras for a day of sexual love with Jette and Julez.

Intensely loveable, and highy titillating with hair pulling, nipping, picking, sucking, and lots of riding up and down on his very salubrious cock – Jette rode him like a stallion. His hard-on was astonishing and he came in bucket loads!

Valerie is into all things dark and mystical, like vampires, blood sports, extreme sex, and getting off in industrial settings.

She’s a bit of an unconventional chick, with a lovely young body, eyes that change colour between green and blue, and a angelic sweet personality. She recently turned 18 and is excited be on on Girls Out West.

Kara and Brad returned the day after their video to shoot photos. So that means we got two money shots (which we just luv to see the cum dripping from the dames pussy).
Kara looked beautiful as always, in a retro dress, red pantyhose and heels.