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So who’s who you may ask? Shannon is the girls with the smaller tits, and that’s her friend Shanty with the bigger breasts.

These chicks are so much fun – singing in the car on the way to the shoot, dancing in the streets, playing in the water… great girls!!

The team at GirlsOutWest hung out with the girls for 3 days. Each day was a brand new adventure. A boat, a park, a car, the beach…. what fun they must have had!

Nineteen year old Lucie is red-hot!
She’s at the beach in her white two-piece and it’s not long before she rips a stiff nipple out! She spreads out her vagina for you, desiring us to get right in there!
She has a weeny freckle on the inside of her labia. You can see her pussy glittering in the sun, then she whisks out her pink dildo and sticks it in.
Being naked on the beach couldn’t be more seductive!

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Similar to Bo Derek, in “10” Kendra comes out from the mysterious waters, soaking and sliding out of her two-piece. Sploshing about, loving the sun, surf, and salt – she is in eden, feeling well and looking superior.

Her full bosoms bounce about as she touches herself and feels lively again. The water titillates in between her thighs, as her smooth-shaven lpussy aches for an affectionate touch. Down in the sand lathering up the goodness of the Australian beach, she moves and touches, and prances and we get in nice and close and see what she’s created from!

Beach fun couldn’t get more blistering here at girls out west. Soaked girls, what more could you need ?

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Brandy has the face of a 1940′s sex kitten. Skin smooth as white cream, big teeth and a big smile, that wont fail to make your knees shake. She has the most astonishing buoyant bosoms and if you look closely you’ll see one of her nipples are inverted!Brandy has a truly exquisite pussy. Symmetrical, rich pink with abundant creasing lips, bordered by firm inner thigh and a tantalizing arse. Spending an hour with Brandy is like falling in love all over again. She talks, and she’s tenderhearted, and she loves life more than anything.

Brandy is beaming, sophisticated and simply, astounding.

20 year old Betty is uncovering her momentous beauteous titties in this beach shoot. She’s climbing on the rocks, and her split legs expose a endearing bush of pubes.

She has arches and she knows how to utilise them.

Betty is Brandy’s best friend and they’ve done 2 girl/girl shoots in different bikinis. They had so much fun. The video in the members area is awesome.

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Brandy and Betty are two best friends from a coastal town of Victoria.


The two both recently relocated to the big bad city of Melbourne.


And being beach girls at heart, the Girls Out West crew decided it was only fitting to do a outdoor beach shoot.


The shoot could have got a lot naughtier except a TV crew turned up to the beach to do some filming of their own.


The two girls did a bit of kissing and some naughty flashing anyway, just before the TV crew could get some close ups with their big lenses.


Check out Girls Out West to see more pictures and videos of Brandy, as well as a new upcoming steamy beach shoot with these two girls.


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More hot girls from Batts World today, and with another scorching Aussie summer well upon us, the beach is just the perfect setting.


One sunny Melbourne day, Batts and his camera headed down to the beach with Emily Batts, Tiana and Jemma.  The three girls frolicked for a while in the cool salt water, wearing their sexy bikinis.  It wasn’t long however before the girls turned the heat up a notch and the bikini tops came off.


The three Australian Amateurs played topless with the frisbee for a while, with the brisk southern waters causing some very perky nipples.  Eventually the bikini bottoms came off as well, so the three Australian Amateurs played naked together in the water.


You can check out the whole shoot and the video over at Batts World.  It is the latest site on the net featuring only real Australian Amateurs.