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Isla popped up on Abbywinters on the 29th April 2008.

Her beautiful smile and figure were an instant hit with the members.

In this outdoor shoot, Isla shows off her small breasts and shaved pussy.

Sign up to Abby Winters today and see the 3 complete Isla photo shoots, and her amazing video!


petria abby winters petria outdoors abby winters petria abbywinters

The beautiful Petria has been a long time favorite on Abbywinters for quite a while now.

She was first published on the site sometime in early 2007, and has made several appearances since, in solo and girl on girl shoots.

Petria is a classically beautiful brunette. She has beautiful eyes and a lovely smile.

In her lesbian shoots available for download on Abby Winters, Petria shows a strong chemistry and a genuine desire to play with her female partners.


marla abby winters hairy marla abby winters marla abbywinters

Gorgeous Marla and her hairy pussy arrived at Abby Winters for the first time on 16th March 2008.

She is a very beautiful and luscious girl with a smile to melt anyone.

She has beautiful face and a great body and you will love her thick long curly hair.

She’s cute as a button, has breasts to die for, and radiates a spunky personality!

Some members felt there was too much attention on her bra and undies instead of her nakedness, where others said they loved it when modest or moderate breasts garnered unusual attention.

“The smile, the HAIR!, the body (perfect boobs and butt, too), leggy, pretty feet, and a devilish attitude..more please!”


Johanna first popped up on Abby Winters in January 2007.

She is a sweet blonde angel with crystal blue eyes and a soft shaved pussy.

Her first shoot consisted of a variety of great close ups with lovely warm colors.

Her arrival on Abby Winters sent the members forum into a frenzy. I don’t think I have ever seen a girl get so much interest on her first photo shoot.

Her second shoot brought no disappointment as one member noted “Johanna is amazing as always. She has a perfect body shape and her smile is irresistible. And those eyes…ah, those eyes. :)


Jamie-Lee turned up at Abby Winters on May 7th.  This girl is one of the sexiest Aussie Amateurs around.  She has the blonde hair and the blue eyes and loves finger insertions, which of course made this photo shoot very hot!


This set was very popular with the Abby Winters members.  One was quoted as saying ’..Jamie-lee, you are enough to turn me from a man with a thing for brunette women into a blonde fetishist, simply for the warmth of your smile. I hope we see much more of you here..’


Jamie-Lee’s tan lines and squeezable arse were also a big hit with Abby Winters fans.  But don’t take my word for it.  Check them out for yourself!


These Abby Winters Pics are of Celina, the new girl on the block at Abby Winters.  She is very short, measuring up at only 4’11″ but she has the most amazing body.


Her first shoot features Celina in several stunning poses and angles, so you really get to see every possible aspect of this beautiful 19yo Australian Amateur Melbourne girl. 


Some of her stand out features would have to be her gorgeous smile, her interesting stomach tattoo, and her perfect natural hairy puffy pussy.


Only a few days after her picture gallery was added to the site, a video of Celine followed.  One member said “..The videos were a chance to hear this lovely young brunette talk about herself and I thought she seemed very down to earth. In the second video there is that section where she is silent lying on the couch and I didn’t know what to look at, her eyes have you captivated one minute, her sexy body the next, then her wandering hands…


Her strong Aussie accent and husky voice were also very popular with the AbbWinters members, and I am sure we will be seeing plenty more of her in the new year.

Kate first arrived at Abby Winters in May 2003.  The gorgeous 18 year old Australian Amateur design student started out with lovely blonde hair in her first few Abby Winters Pics shoots, and ended up a brunette in her later pictorials.  With her cute looks, nice smile, ample breasts, round bottom and natural hairy pussy, she was an instant success with the Abby Winters members. 


Kate’s first shoot featured some amazing close-ups of her using a red dildo.  But her second shoot titled ‘Little Miss Naughty’ and featured above, was probably one of the most popular.  One member commented on the forum, “Kate E’s redux shots are the BEST pee shots at AW. Delicious!”.  Kate had easily earned the Little Miss Naughty title.  


Kate is also one of the famous ‘Six Girls‘ at Abby Winters.  And what could be better than six sexy amateur girls getting naked, swimming and sunbaking on the banks of a New South Wales river? The answer? Not much :)