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Today when I logged into my Abby Winters account, I remembered why I keep renewing my membership for the site.

I was greeted by Rose D, today. A beautiful Aussie brunette (her Aussie accent is strong in the video) with a nice body, and a full bush.

This girl is very cheeky, and its not long after she has got her clothes off, that she is up the stairs to the toilet, and taking a piss.

Now, I’m not usually one for the water sports niche, but the close up photography of this pissing set is amazing. The golden liquid trickling from the thick bushy pubes looks amazing!

Don’t you just love the natural red heads? Especially the real cute ones with a blend of sugary sweetness and naughty sexuality?

Alice returned to for her third solo shoot, and she seems to have really enjoyed the attention as she teased us in her tiny shorts and tight t-shirt.

A delighful debut from the very lovely Zoey in which she and Jacki make full and splendid use of the location to craft a set that delights the eye in all respects. Zoey as she undress and indeed dresses has an engaging manner of adressing the camera and by extension the viewer, holding one enraptured. A feeling further engendered by the aforementioned utilisation of the location, the splendid ‘reflective’ poses in the mirror, the shots taken on the clear plastic/glass chair, on the cushion against the backdrop of the chequered floor, on the staircase and personal favourite, with a bookcase in the background. In addition there is a delicious little ‘quirk’, leaving one sock on. A set to savour, for which my thanks to Jacki, the team and Zoey.

In Calli’s video in the members area of AbbyWinters, I enjoyed when Calli welcomed us to her home.

She said stripping off and getting nude is her way of chilling out. Her figure is amazing in the pictures and the video. She has a beautiful roundness and great boobs.

Melissa is a carefree, all Aussie blonde. Her beautiful lean figure is gently patterned with freckles, her skin is satiny smooth and her pink bits are scarcely visible beneath a delightful layer of thick, blonde bush.

A Pleasure of a video as the adorable Marianna carries us on a circuit of her ‘courtyard’ and loved sunbaking position. The video has some brilliant up-skirt photographs as Marianna’s dress is wafted in the air, the sunlight filtering through the cloth and some delightful shots of Marianna versus the blue sky and soft clouds. The video recording is a joy to watch and listen to, Sue-Ann pens “enjoy”, rest assured relished and for that, my cheers to Suri , the team and Marianna.


A Gorgeously becharming video debut, both enthralling and pleasing to see and hear Arienne as in conversation with Lottie she narrates of her love of literature, her novel and what she like in pubs. Attractively shoot by Lottie with a brilliant combination of full body and close-up shots, of the latter that where Arienne toys with her lacy, creamy-yellow undies when kneeling fronting the camera is specially fine. Her ‘voice-over’ as she motions around on the bed is lusciously sexy. My thanks to Lottie, the team and Arienne, to whom, a ardent more please, presently is the only passable answer.


A genuinely endearing shoot of a sincerely ravishing young lady, I would not have anticipated anything else. This very much appreciated and indeed much justified new shoot of a real favourite of mine does justice to Chahna’s beauty and her shine. I love Chahna’s smile for it genuinely lights up the room when she selects to show it in combination with her seductive eyes which are very beautiful.

This photo set does well in fetching out a sense of her adorable personality too. If you’ve viewed the videos in the members area, or chatted to her on the boards, you already understand she’s somebody worth jawing and listening to and getting to know a bit more about her.

Shall I get to the exciting part then? Chahna has a really red-hot body, I love her skin tone and build. Her bombastic boobs may be an featured stand out but there are so many pieces of her I’d love to explore. Talking of which, I love her voluptuous dark bush.

A shoot she can be pleased with, Chahna looks wonderful. Please check her full photo spread and videos in the members area. You’ll find your payoff in a very warm, amusing, originative and attentive young lady. Chahna you kick ass.


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As a member of Abbywinters you can view a delicious video recording of Harper, set in her uncles shed, perfused with a beautiful nearly golden light.

It is a delight to view and hear Harper as she offers us a tour of the shed and tells of her journeys, which she has typed about and put up pics of on her thread.

Praiseworthily shot and questioned by Lottie there are some luscious scenes as she moves round the shed of the play of light and shadow on her body and her cascading chromatic plaits.

My cheers to Lottie, the team and Harper of whom I trust that we shall see yet more.


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Meet the lovely amateur girl Rachel from Abby Winters.

I like her easygoing, pragmatic attitude during the shoot. She is so sexy with her hands wandering all over her curvaceous young body. All the way up to one of the nicest bums I’ve ever seen.

There is also a lusciously titillating explicit video featuring Rachel on Abby Winters.

Elegantly shot it boasts some delicious scenes, shot from below as Rachel sits on the chair and stands to disrobe.

It is a joy to see and hear Rachel as at the commencement she tells of Kickboxing and yoga exercise, showing some positions such as downward dog. At the end after clambering about on the chair she slithers to the floor telling us and exhibiting her favourite sex positions.

I hope it is not too long before she once more graces our monitors.