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Nikki & Luka

Strong hairy lesbian girls go wild on the side of a rock. Harnessed up, with straps around the arse and fanny, these lesbians tug on the rope, going up and down the side of the rock, then up and down on each other. It’s a perfect setting for some good hairy face sitting and oral sex.

So which is which?? (you may ask). Shannon is the one with the smaller breasts, and that’s her mate Shanty, with the big bossoms.

These girls are too much fun – singing in the car on the way to the location, dancing in the streets, splashing in the water… fantastic girls!! We hung out for 3 days, every day was a different adventure… in boats, parks, cars, beaches…. what fun we had!

And they’re SMART too. Very educated, and refined, well mannered, and happy! Just the way we all like them!

Seems like all a girl needs these days for complete sexual satisfaction ins a big long bendy cucumber and a good friend to get on the other end. Peppe and Rhianna might surprise you in their double-ender action with a pice of vegetable. The movie is very B Grade, very naughty, very bad – just like these 2 young aussie chicks. Check it out here.

Evie looks totally sexy wearing her wide rimmed glasses.

She just loves to fuck herself, wherever and with whatever she wants.

And that is exactly what she does in this set.

Watch her strip off and fuck her juicy shaved cunt on the kitchen bench with a carrot.


Mega-busty Angie and the energetic and excitable Kara get together in a mind blowing pillow fight photo set and raunchy video! These two have been hot for each other for a very long time and the tension has been building… the will explode before your eyes!
These are two ultra sensitive girls, who react explosively with every little touch! They take turns at making each other come over and over again in all sorts of fun positions…

With so much natural chemistry, these lovelies have trouble keeping their busy hands off one another!

Sammi?s on her feet all day and all night. She knows the only way to get any relief from her aching muscles is to utilise the services of the delightful Damiana… She wastes no time getting Sammi naked and proceeding to really massage all those tender areas that are hidden under the panites.

Damiana does such a thorough job on Sammi?s tight body that she is keen to return the favour on the massage table.

Cute and Awkward. Endearing and Geeky. Shy but Cute. Sweet and Innocent. Pretty and Pure.

Rosie is an amazing little creature with a big imagination. Appearing on the net for the first time, I really like this girl.

You can read her blogs in the GirlsOutWest Forums, see her photography, and read her adventures as she gets her hands dirty behind the scenes, in the making of the site.

This particular shoot was a kinky easter theme (sorry I am posting it a bit late)

Check out this hot easter bunny, eating chocolate and exposing her perfect thick bush in this cool picture set.

Page and Tom live together, deep in the bush, where they?re raising their daughter and practising making more babies..

Toms SUV is real sexy, so we jumped in his big blue truck and went hooning into the bush to find the perfect spot for an open-air afternoon fuck.

We found a sunny clearing, down a dirty track, and bang, Page and Tom did it, right in front of 2 girls and 2 cameras. He focused on his woman, and she focused on him, and we just kept rolling. Page, the champion, gave her anus to him, and he pumped her arse so fucking hard for so fucking long ? we couldn?t believe it!

Today when I logged into my Abby Winters account, I remembered why I keep renewing my membership for the site.

I was greeted by Rose D, today. A beautiful Aussie brunette (her Aussie accent is strong in the video) with a nice body, and a full bush.

This girl is very cheeky, and its not long after she has got her clothes off, that she is up the stairs to the toilet, and taking a piss.

Now, I’m not usually one for the water sports niche, but the close up photography of this pissing set is amazing. The golden liquid trickling from the thick bushy pubes looks amazing!

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Athena does what ever she pleases, no matter what the consequences.

After she met her current boyfriend Zehiros at a metal concert, she took off with him, all the way from France to Australia.

It happened at a train station – she told her mum she was going to the toilet, and then ran way. She is now shacked up with her boyfriend in a small apartment in Melbourne.

When the GirlsOutWest crew rocked up to Athena’s flat for the solo shoot, they met Zephiros and asked the two to fuck for them – and they did…

So expect to see a hot boy/girl video in the members area real soon…..